Multi Unit Inserts

4×4 Multi Unit Kit Promotion – for a limited time
Save $93 (25%) on 4 of each of the 4 multi unit components below. 16 total.

Transform your multi unit cases into CAD/CAM restorations
Titanium inserts

Made from durable titanium
Screw load is on the Ti Cap
Designed to fit Nobel multi unit

Multi unit scanbody

Scan intraorally or use with model
PEEK for scanning
Secured titanium screw will not detach in the lab or in a patient’s mouth
Nobel multi unit compatible

Multi unit analog

Easily customize analog height by cutting along grooves
Specially designed “O-ring” to snap the gingival tissue model into place
Trust in our precision milled stainless steel interfaces
Nobel multi unit compatible

Multi unit screw

Made from titanium
Nobel multi unit compatible