Over a decade ago, 3M provided research on the chimney height dimensions of titanium bases. Concluding: 5mm as  the minimum or ideal height. For the most part, they did get it right, however, there are reports of many taller crowns debonding from 5mm bases over time. This is primarily due to: the crown to Ti base ratio simply being too large with this too short, 5 mm base. 

As a result, Open Implants has reengineered the Ti base to fit all crown heights! That’s right, OI Ti bases are available with an adjustable height. Purchased as a 10mm base, this OI base can be easily cut to 8mm,  6mm, 5mm or even 4mm for those really short restorations. 

Available in engaging and non-engaging geometry for both single units (and hybrid custom abutments) and non-engaging for bridgework.

  • Customized emergence profile for ideal soft tissue response for every platform
  • Cement groove for excess cement
  • DME file available for each length
  • Engaging flat to ensure anti-rotation between the Ti base and restorative crown
  • Internal screw shoulder and screw hole 100% compatible with original Brand Screw
  • Includes screw with nearly exact geometry of implant manufacturer screws
  • Cost effective, best in class solution!

Now available in the 16 most common interfaces, with more coming soon. 

For more information on Ti Bases, visit openimplants.com/titanium-bases