Interestingly, the implant analog has existed for over three decades. Why has no one looked into making them better?  Open Implants has done just that, BIG time! Here is a list of the many design features of an OI analog to help you improve production as well as reducing returns and inventory.

  • OI analogs have a circumferential groove around the top to provide a snap on fit for soft tissue replacement and insured seating. This eliminates the problem of partially seated soft tissue; once removed and replaced to models.
  • A single analog for both digital and stone models. DME file available here
  • For 3D printing, analogs can easily be cut short from the bottom in order to save both print material and print time.
  • Provides highly accurate interface machining
  • For digital models, analog has a snap feature and is pushed into a hard stop from the bottom of the model.
  • Currently providing 16 compatible interfaces, with more to come
  • Made from titanium alloy, (just like most implants).
  • Highly cost effective with quantity pricing available.

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