By: Tamara Nazzal

We had a blast in Chicago seeing our customers and getting to spend time with you all! Thank you to everyone who joined our happy hour get together!

Open Implants released NEW titanium bases with a taller gingival height!

You asked for this and we delivered! The example above shows the three height options we have available for Zimmer 3.5.

For those cases where an implant is deep, there is a lot of tissue, and you need a more narrow emergence profile, we now offer more options. This is especially helpful for bone level implants and more narrow platforms.

What do you need to know?

The taller gingival height (GH) bases come with an 8mm tall chimney height (H). The original standard height ti-bases, still come with a 10mm tall chimney height. Both can be used at 8, 6, 5, or 4mm along with our 3Shape or exocad libraries.

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We have updated our product listing/compatibility chart to show you all of your options. The standard height ti-bases have part #s that start with a 3. The taller GH products start with a 5.

Take advantage of these options by ordering in our webstore or give us a call with any questions.