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Recorded Webinars

Did you miss one of our webinars? We recorded our webinars, so you can still gain valuable insight from our team. Review our recordings below and find the webinar that best suits your needs! Please note: while you may earn CE credits at our live webinars, CE credits are not available for any of our recorded webinars.

A Solid Foundation for Success: Scan Bodies Webinar

Open Implants’ Product Development and Technical Education Manager, Pamela Hanneman, was joined by Shane Williams, the Co-Owner of Studio 32. Together they review scan bodies, their benefits, and how to use them for both traditional and digital cases. This is the first chapter in our Back to Basics 2022 webinar series. We designed this series to better support you and help you achieve success.



Restoring Complex Full-Arch Cases with a Digital Workflow

Open Implants was joined by Dany Karam, Owner of Advanced Dental Technologies, for a discussion on restoring complex full-arch cases with a digital workflow. Check out this webinar recording that is a comprehensive overview of a full-arch case, including case planning, treatment planning, initial impression and consultation, evaluating vertical dimensions, verification and custom trays, setting up the case using the Open Implants library, and MU scan bodies.



Height Matters

Check out this recording that explains the importance of proper height selection when planning your abutment cases. A TiBase that is not supportive of the final restoration could lead to remakes and customer dissatisfaction.  Learn more about Open Implants innovative and practical solutions and our revolutionary, customizable TiBase solution!

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The dental industry is constantly evolving! Our team is regularly planning and hosting educational webinars that cover valuable information and insight into a wide range of subjects. Don’t miss out on any of these webinars by signing up for email announcements below.

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