How to view information for an existing or previous order

In addition to placing orders online at any time, your webstore account allows you to view tracking information, get your invoice, repeat a previous order or reset your password.  You can also call to place an order and we can answer any questions that you have 787-587-3242.

How do I view my orders?

Go to the webstore and log in. 
Click Account.
You will see all orders with your most recent orders appearing at the top. 

How do I find tracking information?

Follow the instructions above to view your orders on your account.
Click on the order number to obtain the details. 
Scroll down to find tracking information on the right.
Click the link to track your order.

How do I find an invoice?

Invoices are emailed to you when your order is placed.  You can also locate them online.

Follow the instructions above to view your order.  Click on an order number.
On the right side of the screen, click Print Invoice.  Follow your computer’s prompts to print the invoice or save as a PDF from the print window.

I forgot my password.

Go to the webstore, click “Sign In or Register”. Next to the Sign In button, click the “Forgot your password?” link. Enter the email associated with the account, and an email containing a link to reset the password will be sent to that address.
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