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Open Implants Team

Gregg M. Gellman

Chief Executive Officer

Gregg is a medical device executive and innovator with a proven track record in product development and commercialization. He has more than 15 years of experience, leading and growing biomedical companies.  Gellman’s previous experience includes executive leadership roles at EBI Biomet, now Zimmer Biomet, Greatbatch now Integer Holdings, EnerMed now Garwood Medical, StimMed and Thinking Robot Studios where he will continue to serve as a Board Member for both companies.  Gellman is a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo. He is certified in Quality Systems for Medical Devices (FDA’s QSR and ISO 13485) and in Global Product Submissions Directive Requirements (510(k), PMA, CE Mark).

Pamela Hanneman

Product Development and Technical Education Manager

Pamela started her career 29 years ago as an entry level opaque technician. The love of the art quickly motivated Pamela to master all phases of the ceramic department and materials. The first half of her career was with NDX as the Ceramics Department Manager. With NDX she worked chairside with Dr.’s to customize difficult esthetic cases. Pamela then decided to embrace the new frontier of digital restoration manufacturing with zirconia. There is where she found her true calling as a materials expert and educator of digital materials. Pamela considers herself very fortunate for the opportunity to travel across North America helping laboratories overcome the digital challenge by educating  and trouble shooting industries zirconia and sintering furnace challenges. Teaching and also learning from each interaction. Building relationships and helping others achieve success has been  the most gratifying part of her journey so far. 

In her spare time you will  find her in The Colorado Rockies on a hike or horse ride. Engaging with nature and appreciating all the wonder of this earth. 


Cheryl Bortnick

Director of Quality

For over 25 years, Cheryl Bortnick has championed quality systems and risk management for small to large medical device companies. With a bachelors in Physics and a masters in Biomedical Engineering, Cheryl brings a sound scientific and engineering basis to the quality organization.  Cheryl is proud of the robust quality system implemented at Open Implants and it’s ability to support customer needs and its ability to deliver safe and effective products. 

Prudence Townsend

Sales Manager, Southern States

Prudence is passionate about building relationships, supporting customers’ growth and solving problems. She joined the Open Implants team in 2018 and is responsible for developing relationships with dental laboratories across the U.S. and delivering Open Implants CAD/CAM-enabled solutions for implant restorations. Prudence has over 20 years of customer-centric experience in sales and management. Her previous dental experience includes customer-centric roles at Custom Automated Prosthetics (CAP), Zahn Dental and Boyd Industries. In addition to her experience with larger companies, Prudence grew up in a family-owned business and enjoys working with small businesses. Her goal is to maximize the customer experience with her extremely positive attitude and relentless pursuit of solutions. In her spare team she enjoys spending time with her family, going to the beach and listening to live music.  

Matt Brewer

Sales Manager, Northern States

Matt Brewer has over 15 years of experience in sales, customer service, and business development. Matt has been helping Dental Labs thrive since 2013, when he joined CAP (Custom Automated Prosthetics), where he gained expertise in dental CAD/CAM equipment, digital materials, and digital technology integration. Matt then helped labs while working for Henry Schein’s dental division, Zahn, and on the Formlabs Dental Team. Matt joined the Open Implants team in 2019, and always wants to provide the best possible customer service, in addition to truly helping our customers be successful with their work. In his spare time Matt likes 3D printing, building computers, and spending time with his family.

Greg Kelly

Operations Manager

Greg is the Inventory, Operations and Logistics expert here at Open Implants. He has over 10 years of Inventory Management experience and a vast knowledge of logistics and shipping. Greg has previously worked in Pharmaceuticals for over 15 years before joining the Open Implants team. Greg’s robust knowledge of inventory, shipping and receiving is vital to the day-to-day operations and plays an essential role in the company. Patient and customer satisfaction is priority one to Greg and he handles every situation with compassion to the highest degree. He is a Massachusetts native, plays competitive softball in his spare time and loves spending spare time with his family, his girlfriend and their 4 dogs.  


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